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Die ARTIS Fini Brush ist eine schmale, längliche Makeup-Bürste mit dichten, synthetischen Borsten. Sie bilden eine samtige, quastenähnliche Oberfläche, die Produkt gleichmäßig und schnell verteilen. Die spitze Form vereinfacht die Applikation um Augen und Nase und der Griff bietet Kontrolle. Auch für den Körper anwendbar, beispielsweise Selbstbräuner.

ARTIS Fini Brush Inhaltsstoffe & Eigenschaften

Inhaltsstoffe (INCI)


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Synthetik, CosmeFibre


flach gebunden, oval gebunden, spitz, dicht

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Affordable Luxury. The Fini Brush is what some have described as the perfect size and configuration for a universal makeup brush. Easy to hold and maneuver and perfect to apply a foundation, contour, blush, highlighting, skincare, and setting powder to areas of the face and body.

The definition of the French adjective “fini” is finished; the end all, be all. The Fini Brush provides a flawless finish to whatever product you choose to distribute across your skin. It also happens to suggest the English word fin, which may remind some of the shape and look of the handle on the top of the dome.

The Fini Brush is designed to fit comfortably in the hand, providing superb application control.

A unique curved handle [which echoes the “fin” of a tropical fish] projects upward from the base of the metallized-finish dome, and includes grip pads on either side that allow the fingertips to more easily hold the brush during use.

The proprietary fibres deliver superior application of product. The bundle section securely holds a dense but gentle fibre bundle that consists of over 200,000 engineered CosmeFibres which impart superior blending and distribution of makeup products across the skin.

With its ultra-minimalist design, the Fini Brush is destined to be to be a universal favorite among women and men alike.

This brush applies and blends foundation, blush, highlights, and setting powder over the face and body with a few gentle gliding or circular movements.

Our goal is to create brushes and tools that deliver the highest quality application and are beautifully designed to complement the lifestyle of the Customers and Fans we serve. By paring down the extraneous, the Fini Brush becomes an expression of ultra-minimalism in a makeup brush, perfect for those who appreciate pure simplicity of lifestyle.

The result: A beautifully sculpted brush that fits ergonomically in your hand; is easy to use; highly efficient; and delivers the highest standard of application from makeup brushes.

“A good tool should make something easier, not harder.” – Matthew Waitesmith

Artís brushes are suitable for sensitive skin and are designed using trademarked CosmeFibre®; completely consistent, man-made fibres that make up the fibre bundle to apply makeup like never before.

The unique oval design, handle, and bundle orientation is exclusively patented by Artis, and CosmeFibre® is trademarked.

ARTIS Fini Brush
ARTIS Fini Brush

Preis ca. 33,00