SURRATT Artistique Cheek Brush

Blush & Contour Pinsel

Der SURRATT Artistique Cheek Brush ist ein Rougepinsel höchster Handwerkskunst mit erlesenen, super-weichen Borsten für einen professionellen Auftrag von Powder Blush, Konturpuder oder sogar Bronzer oder Puder. Die Haare sind auch für sensible Haut geeignet.

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Borstenlänge: 32mm


Gray Squirrel, extra weich


rund gebunden, gestuft, kugelförmig, mittel-dicht

Made in


Our ultra-soft natural-hair brush is designed to give cheeks a vibrant flush of ​color. Its oval-shaped bristles are are ideal for applying blush, bronzer, or highlighting powders.​

Surratt is committed to the Japanese philosophy of Monozukuri, or craftsmanship. Each brush is crafted from hand-tied natural fibers with precision and care by a skilled artisan.

Washing Your Surratt Brushes: We recommend washing your brushes once a week. To make the experience more enjoyable, use a light, conditioning shampoo with a fragrance you love. Under warm water, gently lather the bristles, and rinse thoroughly until no visible lather or pigment remains.

Drying Your Surratt Brushes: To ensure your brushes are dried thoroughly, and to maintain their longevity, we suggest drying them on a towel placed on a cookie sheet. Position the brushes so that the bristles face down, and the handles rest on the edge of the cookie sheet. This will ensure that any remaining moisture flows away from the metal and wood parts of the brush.SURRATT BEAUTY

SURRATT Artistique Cheek Brush
SURRATT Artistique Cheek Brush

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