REPHR The Complete Eye Brush Set

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Das REPHR The Complete Eye Brush Set beinhaltet alle derzeit erhältlichen Augenpinsel aus dem Sortiment der jungen Marke. Alle 18 Pinsel sind in Japan handgefertigt und wurden mit weichem Ziegenhaar verarbeitet für müheloses blenden und nahtlosen Pigmentaufbau. Auch für Detailsarbeiten an den Wangen und Lippen oder für Concealer nutzbar.

  • brush 01 – the community’s favourite do-it-all blending brush.
  • brush 02 – a versatile high-density shader that will pack on shadow like no other.
  • brush 03– the pro-favourite pencil brush that achieves the impossible balance between softness and precision.
  • brush 12 – a high impact smudge brush that’s been meticulously balanced to achieve the optimal density, firmness and softness.
  • brush 13 – the smallest crease brush in our lineup that offers unparalleled precision, yet unexpectedly fluffy and soft.
  • brush 14 – a small crease brush specifically designed for the hooded eye.
  • brush 15 – a versatile, medium sized crease brush built for impactful pigments and effortless blending.
  • brush 16 – a large tapered crease brush that’s ideal for applying a quick wash of base color on lids.
  • brush 21 –  an impactful shader designed for shimmers and cream products. inspired and made specifically at the request of the beauty community.
  • brush 23 – the smallest and finest pencil brush in our collection.
  • brush 26 –  the largest pencil brush in our collection allows effortless work on inner and outer corners with speed and an unexpectedly level of accuracy.
  • brush 27 –  without a doubt the fluffiest blending brush in our lineup.
  • brush 28 –  a shader that excels at precision application of liquids, creams & shimmers.
  • brush 29 –  firm & dense, our very first liner brush is optimized for winged eyeliner looks.
  • brush 32 –  a release from the 2021 holiday collection, brush 32 has a unique shape that’s designed for blending our harsh lines, smudging, and eye contouring.
  • brush 33 – a fusion between our flagship brushes 01 and 02. this one-and-done brush will undoubtedly become a workhorse in your brush collection.
  • brush 34 – an undertaking to create the smallest possible liner brush that maintains the stiffness required to do precision work. this liner brush is the finest version we’ve ever created and will give you complete control over your look.
  • brush 36 – yet another brush in our collection that’s been calibrated for the hooded eye. this multi-tasker enables efficient application and seamless blending of eyeshadow. also a favorite for blending concealer among early testers.

REPHR The Complete Eye Brush Set Eigenschaften




Goat, Saikoho, Synthetik

Made in


all 18 eye brushes. available together at a significant discount.

includes all new brushes 33, 34 and 36.

handcrafted by master artisans in Japan using natural uncut goat hair.

REPHR The Complete Eye Brush Set
REPHR The Complete Eye Brush Set

Preis ca. 421,00
Deals ab 169,00