SONIA G. Detail Pro Brush

Highlighter & Blende-Pinsel #Fude

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Der SONIA G. Detail Pro Brush ist ein fluffiger, abgerundeter Pinsel. Er ist als Face Brush zum Setzen von Highlights und Konturen sowie zum Abpudern von verwinkelten Partien wie um die Augen herum konzipiert, ist aber auch ein hervorragender Blende-Pinsel für den großflächigen Auftrag von Eyeshadow. Er ist optimal nachgiebig und sanft zur Haut.

SONIA G. Detail Pro Brush Eigenschaften


Goat, Saikoho, sehr weich, gefärbt, ungefärbt


rund gebunden, gestuft, abgerundet, mittel-dicht

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The Detail Pro is versatile and fits in eyeshadow pans so that we could work with any eyeshadow onto the face. It is a chubby crease/blender brush; it doesn’t fit the crease but is perfect to set the lids and eye area before your eyeshadow application.

The mixed bristles of dyed and undyed goat hair make it possible to build the color gradually and also to add precise yet subtle contour or highlight. Adding the white undyed bristles in the mix made it just right: you get enough grip to work with pressed powders, you can build gradually the intensity on the skin and it won’t give us a hard time with dosing and blending the application.

This brush is small yet fluffy and perfect for precise setting concealer or foundation in very specific zones of the face, under the eyes, around the nose, in the chin.

  • Setting eye area, around the nose and with precision
  • Editorial and artistic work
  • Contour and highlight


  • Each brush is handbound by master artisans in Japan using traditional brushmaking techniques for unparalleled performance and craftsmanship.
  • The sturdy handle is made from dense, sustainably harvested maple wood and coated with four layers of pigment and lacquer for a rich, dimensional finish.
<span class="su-quote-cite">BEAUTYLISH</span>
SONIA G. Detail Pro Brush
SONIA G. Detail Pro Brush

Preis ca. 36,50