SONIA G. Crease Two Brush

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Der SONIA G. Crease Two Brush ist ein rund gebundener Blending Pinsel für den Auftrag sowie das Verstreichen von Lidschatten aller Art. Die Spitzen sind gewölbt ohne Spitze geformt, was sich optimal für einen definierten Schatten in der Lidfalte eignet. Die Borsten sind fest, greifen viel Pigment, sind beim Applizieren jedoch sanft zur Haut und bieten einen optimalen Widerstand für nahtlose Resultate.

SONIA G. Crease Two Brush Eigenschaften


Ahorn, lakiert


rund gebunden, stark gestuft, spitz, mittel-dicht

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This Crease Two is similar to the Blender Pro in terms of functionality; it can be used in the crease or all over the lid, to build or to blend out the application. Compared to the Blender Pro, this Crease Two is going to build up the application similarly but leaving the application looking more diffused in its perimeter. It’s denser and firmer than similarly shaped crease brushes. This is particularly applicable with heavier lids or more textured skin. The ferrule is curved, this is not only for aesthetic reasons but it contributes to the power of this shape.

  • It’s tapered but splays out to hug the crease and automatically blends as it builds intensity.
  • Each brush is handbound by master artisans in Japan using traditional brushmaking techniques for unparalleled performance and craftsmanship
  • The sturdy handle is made from dense, sustainably harvested maple wood and coated with four layers of pigment and lacquer for a rich, dimensional finish
SONIA G. Crease Two Brush
SONIA G. Crease Two Brush

Preis ca. 34,00