ESPA Wellness Advent Calendar 2022

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Der ESPA Wellness Advent Calendar 2022 ist ein luxuriöser Beauty Adventskalender mit 24 Türchen, hinter denen sich Minis und Deluxe Samples der natürlichen Hautpflegemarke verbergen. Ein berechneter Wert von mindestens 400€.

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Guiding you from rise to rest, ESPA accompanies you on your daily voyage of wellness with naturally powerful products that caress the mind, body and spirit. Curate your own ritual, indulging in ESPA’s sensorial surprises – each expertly formulated with the brand’s rich heritage and knowledge.

Begin each day with a harmonising gift. Journey through a selection of ESPA’s favourite products including invigorating cleansers, lavish creams, and rich essential oils. A festive feast for the senses with this luxury wellbeing advent calendar.

All 25 offerings are housed within this year’s elegant, snow-white gift box with a hidden gift cocooned within. The self-discovery advent calendar is the perfect travelling trunk for your wellness journey ahead.

Experience the gift of wellness and begin to brighten your inner glow, from the moment you wake to being deep within your dreams. ESPA, with you in a life of wellness.

ESPA Wellness Advent Calendar 2022
ESPA Wellness Advent Calendar 2022

Preis ca. 199,00
mit Code 133,00