CULT BEAUTY Adventskalender 2022

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Der CULT BEAUTY Adventskalender 2022 ist noch einmal praller befüllt: Der angegebene Wert von über 1100€ verteilt sich auf 25 Türchen, die mit insgesamt 37 Produkten befüllt sind. Make-up, Skincare, Pflege für Körper und Haar sowie Duftendes sind dabei. Für den üppigen Anschaffungspreis kann man mit zahlreichen, hochpreisigen Full Sizes sowie Reisegrößen, die man teils auch kaufen kann.

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Set to outshine every gift on your Christmas list, the Cult Beauty Advent Calendar 2022 is overflowing with 37 beauty favourites — including a whopping 13 full sizes — each carefully chosen to delight you throughout December.

With appearances from the likes of Augustinus Bader, 111SKIN, The INKEY List and Youth To The People, this highly coveted beauty advent calendar wraps at least a treat-a-day behind each door (some are full to the brim!), making the countdown to Christmas all-the-more exciting.

Though we know it may be tempting to dive straight into our advent calendar, we urge you to try and resist an immediate ransack. Instead, take your time exploring the Cult Beauty icon hiding behind every door — particularly day 25, behind which you’ll find six (yes, six!) very special beauty finds.

We’re stepping it up a notch this year too, with a grand total of three Golden Tickets hidden within our calendars. Worth ONE THOUSAND Cult Beauty pounds each, the three lucky winners are in for the spree of a lifetime. It really is the most wonderful time of the year…

CULT BEAUTY Adventskalender 2022
CULT BEAUTY Adventskalender 2022

Preis ca. 275,00
Deals ab 205,00