CHIKUHODO T-8 Eye Shadow S Takumi Series

Eyeshadow- & Highlighter-Pinsel #Fude

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Der CHIKUHODO T-8 Eye Shadow S aus der Takumi Series ist ein rund gebundener, spitz zulaufender Lidschattenpinsel für den Auftrag und das Verblenden von Lidschatten, insbesondere am unteren Lid. Die Borsten nehmen Farbpigment optimal auf, dosieren und verblenden selbst intensive Farben sorgfältig

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Details: CHIKUHODO T-8 Eye Shadow S Takumi Series


Gesamtlänge: 127mm
Borstenlänge: 22mm
Quastendicke: ~ 6mm
Zwingenweite: ~ 6mm


Goat, Saikoho, sehr weich


rund gebunden, stark gestuft, spitz, dicht

Made in


The “Takumi” make-up brush series uses the highest grade goat hair called “Saikoho”. The hairs used in this high-end make up brush series were handpicked by Mr. Tesshu, the brush artist himself. The Saikoho hair is as soft as a gray squirrel’s hair and also has the strength of a goat hair. The product has no added color, because we wanted make its texture stand out. The brush is white, just like the original goat hair. Experience the ultimate make-up brush that was created from years of experience and passion by Mr. Tesshu’s establishment.

Experience the gentle touch around your eyes with this makeup brush. Great brush perfect for blending in small areas of your eyes like outer corner, sculpting out your crease, smudging eye shadow underneath your eyes and even for smudging or blending out eyeliner to give you more of a softened blended look. Also perfect for applying the inner corner highlight to your eyes and placing your darker outer V color to the

CHIKUHODO T-8 Eye Shadow S Takumi Series
CHIKUHODO T-8 Eye Shadow S Takumi Series

Preis ca. 19,00