CHIKUHODO GSN-10 Eye Shadow Brush

Blendepinsel #Fude

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Der CHIKUHODO GSN-10 Eye Shadow ist ein Blendepinsel mit langen Borsten, schlankem Durchmesser und starker Stufung für präzises Blenden. Die Borsten sind angenehm und dennoch widerstandsfähig. Der Stiel der GSN-Reihe ist weiß und lang.

CHIKUHODO GSN-10 Eye Shadow Brush Eigenschaften


Gesamtlänge: 188mm
Borstenlänge: 18mm
Quastedurchmesser: ca. 6mm
Zwingendurchmesser: ca. 6mm


Goat, Sokoho, weich


oval gebunden, gestuft, abgerundet, mittel-dicht

Made in


Chikuhodo GSN Series, the gem brushes that have evolved with the change in cosmetics. Crafted by the best craftsman, the collection is a work of art. The combination of gold and pearl-white color looks fantastic. The slim handle is longer compared to regular brush, so easy to find and pick up necessary brush. It is Chikuhodo’s top-class brush collection.

Designed to reach every bit of your delicate eyelid especially around the crease of the lid to blur and blend base shades for a softer effect. The tapered tip is great for contouring to add depth and definition. Great for creating sultry, smokey eyes.

CHIKUHODO GSN-10 Eye Shadow Brush
CHIKUHODO GSN-10 Eye Shadow Brush

Preis ca. 18,00