Kryolan ist eingezogen

Wenn ich “nebenan” schon das KRYOLAN Creme MU verwende, dann muss ich auch ergänzen, dass es noch ganz frisch bei mir ist. Ich war vorgestern mit einer BJ in Hamburg und wie geplant stürmten wir den KRYOLAN City an den Großen Bleichen.

Hach, schöner Shop. Hätte wirklich mehr mitnehmen können. Mein Einkauf viel aber noch scharf an der Grenze aus. Ich habe mir 4 matte Lidschatten Refills gekauft, zwei von diesen Creme MUs, davon einen “irisierend” sowie 2 der neuen Pearl Powder Pigments. Dazu erschnorrte ich mir eine kleine Abfüllung der changierenden Glitter – wie gut, dass ich ein leeres Jar bei mir hatte.

Hier schonmal paar Swatches dazu:


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  1. I am really curious as to how you like Kryolan and Grimas make up. I have been considering ordering some of these shades but have not quite made up my mind yet about which brand to go for first. Is there a difference in quality and is there a difference in the glittery once versus the mat shades as far as pigmentation goes? Have you ever tried any of the other makeup (think foundation etc) from these brands? Really would love to hear from you, thanks! Senna

  2. I will definitaly shop more of both brands this year, but it will take a while.

    I think KRYOLAN has the better products for consumers. The GRIMAS items are very professional in my oppinion. More for "moments" instead of the whole day. I like the KRYOLAN eyeshadows better, but the matte GRIMAS are nice as well. I think the GRIMAS Palettes are too huge. They take so much space.

  3. Hi Magi, thank you for your insight. Both these brands have been screaming to be picked up by me for a little while, but the fact that I know so little about them and that I can't seem to find them in stores and see them for myself have been the reason for me to be a bit reluctant to buying them. I think I will give the Kryolan e/s a try and Ill let you know how I like them. I will be looking forward to reading more about these (and many more!) brands on your site. Thanks!!

  4. die quali schaut echt toll aus :heart: