p2 Let’s Rock!

p2 Let’s Rock! Feel the Beat Nail Polish

je ca. 2,25€ – 11ml – alle vegan

Sweet Harmony – Spiritual Sonic – Lovely Rock – Glamorous Sound

p2 Nail polish - lets rock

Let’s Rock! Free Falling Mattifying Powder

je ca. 3,45€ – 9g – beide vegan

Lovely Sunrise & Sunset Glow

p2 powder - lets rock

Let’s Rock! Just have a Good Time Blush Stick

je ca. 2,75€

Pink in Finity & Touch of Rosé

p2 blush stick - lets rock

Let’s Rock! Charming Expression Concealer Palette

je ca. 3,55€ – 2 x 4g

p2 concealer palette - lets rock

Let’s Rock! Cloudless Day Eye Shadow Pencils

je ca. 3,45€ – wasserfest

Day to Day


Fields of Gold


Bright Night

p2 eyeshadow pencil - lets rock

p2 Let’s Rock! Dancing on Stage Lip Stain & Balm Duo

je ca. 4,25€ – beide vegan

Do it Apricot! & Red it up!

p2 lip stain & balm duo - lets rock

p2 Let’s Rock! Get Ready to Party Blotting Papers

je ca. 3,15€ – 80 Stück

p2 papers - lets rock

p2 Let’s Rock! Rock around the Clock Fragrance

je ca. 3,75€ – 10ml – Maiglöckchen x Jasmin x Magnolie x Minze – vegan

p2 Parfum - lets rock

p2 Let’s Rock! Turn up the Music Multiuse-Stencils

je ca. 3,45€ – 22 Motive

p2 Sticker - lets rock

p2 Perfect Base! Beauty Balm

je ca. 4,95€ – 30ml – permanent

Light & Medium

p2 Beauty Balm - lets rock

p2 Antiseptic Hand Cleanser

je ca. 1,95€ – 75ml – permanent

p2 Hand Cleanser - lets rock